Boring is as Boring does!


“Boring is as Boring does.” – A variation of Forrest Gump’s famous line.   I have been married officially 6 months in 3 weeks. Now I must say those 6 months have been anything but boring…remember? I have: Quit my job Had DOUBLE Jaw surgery Relocated to Georgia and moreπŸ˜‰ But what I will say […]

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Hector & I moved to GEORGIA 2 weeks ago. The jury is still out on how I feel about it. The good thing if I happen to hate it? We are only here for SIX (6) (seis) months. Moving is never easy no matter how many times you have done it in your life, for […]

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Let’s be real. No one wants to read another blog post about what the hell to eat, when the hell to eat it, and a recipe list a mile long. I just [DELETED] every single one of my blog posts written over the last year and a half. As informational as they could of, would […]

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