Top 5 nutrition MYTHS busted!


Eat THIS, not THAT. [No, eat the other thing. Or don’t.] Between paleo, Atkins, gluten free, juicing, and all the other common styles of eating out there it can be very confusing as far as the “facts” that are out there about what foods are the most nutritious to eat! #amiright? Now, I am not debating […]

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Taking [on] The Credit!

credit cards

At my ripe age of 27, that perfect age where you are a baby to some, old lady to pre-teens, and some how trying to cope with the fact that you are officially not in your early twenties anymore, I have found that through out my life experiences; jobs, decisions, mistakes, successes, more-so-jobs, I have […]

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Oh, what a movie. Who didn’t want to go in their neighborhood pool because of this beast? I RAISE MY HAND! That shit was scary. Unfortunately, this isn’t a formal review of that epic movie although that may come later. I have an announcement… I AM HAVING DOUBLE JAW SURGERY. Yes, DOUBLE, as in they […]

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Marco, Polo?


Do you ever hear yourself screaming out “MARCO!” to yourself, waiting if your conscious answers “POLO!”. Sometime we aren’t always in touch with ourselves. This could mean many different things to different people. Maybe you’ve been on a binge eating roller coaster for 5 days (2 weeks) or maybe this means you haven’t been reading […]

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Homemaker or Unemployed?


“You ain’t gotta go to work, work, work, work, work, work” at least that is what Fifth Harmony tells me every time I turn on the radio. If you haven’t heard, I quit my job to become a stay-at-home-wife (pursue and seek out my passions) and up until today it had been adjusting to my new position quite […]

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So what if I just quoted a POD song? [Does that show my age? Because if that doesn’t my cruella de vil status of gray hair will!] We are exactly ONE week out from our wedding, so exciting (Stressful) and crazy! I have been pulling my hair out planning it, and all of a sudden […]

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The Oh, Crap fund!

piggy bank

ARE YOU PREPARED FOR A RAINY DAY? Let’s begin. Yesterday, I posted about quitting (jumping off cliff with parachute) the rat race of corporate America and beginning the journey to find my true calling, my passion, my forte, or my quarter life crisis [maybe, haha]. READ THAT POST HERE That was the pretty way for […]

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Hamster, no longer.


I no longer want to be a hamster… or a rat. Depending on if you call being a servant of Corporate America a hamster wheel or a rat race. Neither which would be incorrect when describing the 9-5 (if you’re lucky enough to get a set schedule) mundane work week where you drive to work […]

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Come on baby, light my FIRE!

born for this

I love that song. Which song? You ask. It’s an INCREDIBLE work out song. [I’ll show you at the bottom] I just completed a makeover of our blog. Since my husband returned, he has been more “mendivated” than ever to be a part of MENDIVATION! We have decided to combine our efforts, life trials, and […]

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Deploy [not] ment for me

Clever title, I know… haha. I have to say that this deployment has been one wild ride. If I could visually describe it I would say that it is one big ball of tangled wire driven by a force called EMOTION. As we approach the new year, I know that I only have minimal time […]

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